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 It’s time that we take back our community and provide viable products that will keep  people from going to big box stores.  Join us if you want to make a difference.


In 2018 we started the first farmers market  in Guilderland.  Our first year was so successful for our vendors that we are opening a month earlier, now starting  in July.   The Market  will be on every Sunday 10am to 2pm, ending on the last Sunday in September.  To stay up to date please subscribe at the bottom of the page and follow us on        Facebook            Instagram


It's a more then just farm fresh goods from local farmers but it's also having the following;  crafters, wood builders, sampling of homemade beverages and farm fresh cooked food, along with live music, items that were repurposed, vintage items, special guests, how to's, SPECIAL Events, artists, competitions, people that are selling salvage wood, and more.  It's like a farmers market mixed with a swap meet, tag sale, art gallery, a much smaller Brimfield, flower/plants and sessions (how to do's) that will teach, inspire, and create ecological awareness.  


I like to call it a farmers open market, some call it an outdoor market, or just call it a place where the community can come together and support local, regional farmers, crafters, artists, locally made beverages and cooked foods. Every Sunday in July, August, September. 


Antique sale
Farm fresh foods
Locally grown vegetables
handmade crafts

Every Sunday from 10-2pm 

July through October 

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