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CSA family favorites with local seasonal products
For 2 people $225
For 4 people $450
For 6 people $590

Sausage sampler box $85
10# variety

Big heritage pork pack $300
20-25 pound mix
2 4lb roast
2 1.5 pound packages of chops
4 pounds of bacon and ribs
6 pounds sausage variety

greener pastures farm.jpg

"We raise all of our pork and chicken on rotated pastures in Pawlet VT & Hampton NY!

They live the high life of turnips, clover, rye, acorns and veggies for their foraging pleasure. They are also fed a supplemental grain diet."

Greener pastures will be adding single cuts of pork and taking orders for chicken.  You have to try their Pre seasoned Porchetta Rosemary and Herb......

Click here to order.  

Clicking the link will bring you to their website, where you will pay and pre order. Pick up, will be at OUR location on April 26th at High noon.   Star Plaza, 2050 Wester Ave, Guilderland.

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