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farm fresh foods


Any questions with Vending or Sponsorship Opportunities please contact Scott Abraham 518.595.8109  



Annual Sales up to $100,000                                                                

(1) day $50, (10) weeks $350 (13) weeks ($500) 

Annual sales over $100,000    

(1) day $60, (10) weeks $500 (13) weeks ($600) 


Any services or items that cost over $5,000. 

(1) day $100, (10) weeks $800 (13) weeks ($1,000)

Food Vendors:  (1) day $100, (13) weeks ($700)


  *Submitting a vendor application does not guarantee you a space.  All applications must be accompanied with a description of what is being sold and pictures.  All applications are reviewed by a panel that represents this market.  Any food related items must adhere with NYS Health codes.


  There are limited 10x20 spots, unless given permission all spots are 10x15.  We do ask all vendors to take some time and have pride in what their booth looks like.  All tents must be fire retardant.  We reserve the right to terminate your vendor space if deemed necessary.   

We are committed to bring the community artisans, farmers, crafters and residents, a place to sell their items.  We will work with not for profits, mom and pop business’ and children entrepreneurs.

***These prices are only good for a limited time and are subject to change***
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